7 September 2013


So ... I'm not sure if you knew, but I'm actually a qualified Personal trainer (yep!). This side of my life is usually something I keep pretty quiet about - I guess it comes down to my fear of not being 100% confident in what I know, failing to keep up to date with the latest trends or not studying up on the latest research. Whatever it is, it has crippled me for far too long.

I have this (somewhat limited) knowledge of healthy living and I must share it with the world. I must give the best advice I can with the knowledge I have and hey!.. what I lack in knowledge, I make up for in passion!

Now I know the 'fitness industry', so to speak, is chocka-block full of differing opinions, ways of doing things and even beliefs about what it means to be "healthy". But I'm tossing these cares aside and speaking from my heart ... sharing my knowledge with you.

Since the first sign of spring I have been excited. Why?? Because spring leads into, and is the perfect time to prepare for my favourite season of the year ... Summer!! I know the joys of summer lovin' are bitter sweet; in one hand theres oodles of things to get out and do - surfing, bike riding, roller blading, and even sun baking (well not for me!), but on the other hand they are coupled with some things you just dread; being able to keep up with that fit friend of yours on an active day out, the rise of those hemlines, and of course the dreaded swimsuit.

But fear not my friend! 
I won't let you go through these worries for yet another year ...
This is why #SpringIntoSummer was born! *cue hallelujah chorus*

Once a week I will give you one useful tip to change your life for the better.
From healthy eating, to exercise and motivation; it is my plan to help you actually enjoy entering the sensational summer that will be 2013! Hooray!
P.S If you have any special topics you'd like me to cover, or even questions you want answered, head on over to IBP's facebook page and leave me a comment.

#Fit Tip 1: via

The next time you reach for that chocolate bar or pack of chips to curb your cravings, stop ... and find out what your cravings are actually telling you.

If you're craving Carbs:
your body really needs nitrogen, 
- go eat some fish, meat, nuts, or beans.

If you're craving French fries, soft drink & pizza (Junk food):
your body really needs calcium
- go eat some broccoli, chicken, or cheese.

If you're craving Caffeine:
your body really needs salt, iron, or H20
- go eat some lean meat, eggs, black cherries and drink some water.

If you're craving Salty Foods:
your body really needs chloride
- go eat some goat's milk yoghurt or fish.

If you're craving Sweets: 
- your body really needs chromium, carbon phosphorus, sulphur, or tryptophan.
go eat some fruit, cheese, sweet potato & have a good nights sleep (you may also be tired).

Treats are great! They are what makes life enjoyable. But every so often try and curb your cravings with one of these alternatives. You'll feel a lot more satisfied and will be so much happier you did!

Stay tuned next week for #Fit Tip 2!

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