4 September 2013

Libby Story Guest Post

Whether it’s been crocheted by someone you love, salvaged from a thrift store, or passed down from your Grandmother; each doily has a special story to tell. Their intricate patterns and design epitomize vintage charm. 

But what if these antiques could be modernized into something that is not only practical, but a delightful addition to your decor? 

What you need:
  • Doily - any shape, size, or colour
  • Fabric Stiffener
  • Bowl - the shape of this will determine the shape of your doily bowl
  • Spare bowl - used for dipping
  • Cling wrap

What to do:

1. Decide whether you want your doily bowl to have scalloped or flat edges. For scalloped edges, mould your doily on the inside of the bowl. Alternatively, drape your doily over an upturned bowl to create flat edges. Test out a few different bowls till you are happy with the shape it makes. Once chosen, line the inside/outside of your bowl with cling wrap.

2. Pour a generous amount of fabric stiffener into your spare bowl. Dip doily into stiffener, making sure it becomes totally saturated. 

3. Mould doily to the inside/outside of your chosen bowl.

4. Allow doily to dry overnight (or a little longer if necessary). When dry, gently pull doily bowl away from the cling wrap.

5. And there you have it ... your delightful doily turned into a beautiful bowl! Fill with anything your heart desires; spools of thread, crafty bits n bobs, or even vintage jewellery.

These bowls are deceivingly simple to make. Why not make a few while you’re at it! They can add instant charm to any room or make a perfect gift when placed in a cute box.

Whatever it is you use them for, these doily bowls are the perfect way to recycle those often outdated, vintage heirlooms, into something that can be enjoyed time & time again!

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