5 December 2013

The Start of Something New

So this post is bittersweet for me. 
I've got some exciting news and some bad news too. 
Everyone wants to hear the bad news first, right? So here goes ... 

By now you've noticed that things have been getting a bit quiet here on ittybittypolkadot. Because of this, it may not come as a surprise to you that this will be the last blog post I will write for quite some time. Yes this does mean that instead of focusing my passion and energies into this blog, God is calling me to go out and actually live them! 

Over the past year this blog has been wonderful. It has brought me such joy, purpose and growth amidst a really tough year. Though I am not totally healed of my chronic fatigue, God has shown me that He knows I am ready to start a new adventure.

* Insert exciting news here! *

Next year I will be flying half way across the world, to the winter wonderland of Windsor, Colorado!! What am I doing there you may ask? I'm attending a discipleship program at Ellerslie church, run by the inspiring Eric & Leslie Ludy (who wrote "When God writes your love story")

Here I will spend a set apart season of my life, totally focused on God - growing to know, seek, and love Him more than I ever thought possible. This season will be free from all the 'noise' we find in our everyday life yet full of God's Word, fellowship and exploring who God is. I truly look forward in anticipation for what God is going to do in my heart & life this coming year!!

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank each and every one of you. Thank you for reading this blog, for leaving such lovely comments and for joining me on this journey. Though this journey may be ending (well for the meantime anyway), a new one is only just beginning ... 

Please keep me in your prayers and your eyes out for me.. you never know when ittybittypolkadot might pop up again in the future!

* P.S Never fear! I will still be selling my delightful vintage goodies through my Etsy store, so head on over!

TTFN ... Ta Ta For Now

This girl's gotta fly!

25 November 2013

Open for Business!

I have some exciting news for you!

Ready for it ..?

Ittybittypolkadot now has an online store!!

 I have been working on creating this online store for quite a while now and I am so pleased to show it to you all! It is full of cheerful, colourful & charming vintage pieces - like aprons, heels and jewellery.  

Here are some of the items on sale ... 
 So what are you waiting for?
Oh and if you need any more excuses to buy some of my vintage goodies ... 

All profits goes towards the wonderful work of Living Hope,
 restoring much needed dignity and self belief to women in Uganda.

 So go for it ... snap up a bargain today!

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