23 April 2013

DIY: Felt balls

Felt balls are so much fun! They are really easy to make and look fantastic no matter how ever they're used. They are so versatile too - able to be made into all types of things; garlands, necklaces, rugs & even coasters. 
Felt ball garland via Pinterest
Image via Indulgy

Let's get started!

You will need: 
Felting wool (called wool roving), a jug of hot soapy water (mix 2 tbsp detergent to 3 cups water), a bowl of warm water, and a towel to catch excess water.

1. Start with a small piece of wool laid out flat. Thin out the fibres so the wool becomes see through.

2. Squirt a little hot soapy water in the centre of the wool and roll fibres together to form a ball.

3. Continue to gently roll wool into a ball, applying a little more pressure as you go. It will take about 5 mins of continuous rolling to form a tight even ball. If the ball gets too soapy during the rolling process, rinse and squeeze it out in the bowl of warm water.

4. Once you have a nice even sized ball that can be easily bounced on the table, dunk it in the warm water to seal the fibres off.

* If cracks start to appear on your ball pull off a small piece of wool and place on top of the crack. Add more soapy water and continue rolling.

5. Place felt balls on a baking cooling rack to dry overnight.

Now you have made all these brightly coloured felt balls, go wild! 

... Make them into anything you want .... 
but stay tuned, a garland tutorial will be coming up soon!


  1. Oh my word I would love to have a rug like that! So freaking cute!!

  2. I LOVE that garland!! I think I could probably get a bit carried away making those! I imagine it's one of those projects that once you start you cant stop!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. It really is!... so addictive!! :)


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