27 April 2013

Wedding Videos

I just love love love wedding videos! They are so full of love, joy and are a perfect way to capture those priceless memories from your wedding day. I love to watch wedding videos in my spare time ... the other day I came across this one & couldn't not share it with you!

                        Heather + Andrew, Candlelight films via Youtube

I love so many things about this video:
  • The opening song ... woah oh oh!
  • The bride & grooms individual worship time with their bridal party.
  • The lacy back of the bride's dress.
  • Seeing the bride read the letter from her soon to be husband ...
  • Their first meeting on their wedding day (without laying eyes on eachother ...)
  • The doors that conceal the bride before she is waltzes down the isle.
  • Worship, communion and the washing of eachother's feet in the ceremony (a true act of selflessness)
  • Their photo shoot in the meadow.
  • The epic dance party!
  • The sparkler isle created for the couple as they leave the reception. 
  • The undeniable love these two have for eachother, but most of all for their Lord - it is contagious!
Ahhh! What else is there to say?

I couldn't help myself, but I had to throw this proposal video in too! Enjoy!!

The Proposal via Youtube

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