28 December 2012

Santa Photos

I know Santa photos are the kind of thing you get when you're little - you get all excited to tell Santa what you want for Christmas and can't wait to see what surprise he has for you this year! You end up walking out of the shop sporting an oversized cardboard Christmas hat with the biggest grin, ever on your face.

Well for my family & I, Santa photos are an annual tradition! On Christmas Eve morning after we have finished our buffet breakfast at the Novotel (which is also an amazing tradition to celebrate my cousin, Marty's birthday) we head off to town in search for a realistically looking (& hopefully chubby santa). When found, we try to convince each other that they should come in the photo declaring that "it's a tradition" and "you're never too old for Santa photos!". For some, they feel they are in fact too old for a Santa photo, but for other troopers (like me!) we pile in and try to fit in the photo without squishing Santa.

Here is my Santa photo from this year;
Me & my two beautiful cousins, Emma & Eliza.
Photo by David Jones Wollongong

Once the Christmas decorations get packed away for another year, our Santa photo is placed in an album. This album has all the Santa photo's we've ever had from the year 1996 (I'm sitting on the floor in this one ... someone was scared of Santa!) It is such a lovely tradition as we get to look back on the past and laugh at our funny hair do's, point at the outfits we've worn two or three years in a row, and watch us grow up to become who we are today. 


Now that Fifi is part of our family, it was only fair to have her in a Santa photo too; marking her very first Christmas. Our local RSPCA held a fundraiser for pets to have their photo's with Santa. 

Here is my gorgeous baby all tutu-ed up for Santa ...

Photo by Wollongong RSPCA

How cute is she! She's even smiling! (Such a performer just like her Mum!)


  1. you are gorgeous Sam!
    LOVE your shoes too! :D

  2. ittybittypolkadotJanuary 12, 2013 7:29 pm

    Why thankyou!! :)
    They're from Betts - I love them cause they're a bit different!


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