27 March 2013

... How Pinteresting ...

I have decided to start a new series, "How Pinteresting". In this segment I will post 10 of my favourite images found on Pinterest all around a certain theme. I hope they give you inspiration!


                    #1. DIY Sprinkle Eggs 
                                    via studiodiy.com                


                  #2. Easter egg cake pops

                                    via @ninerbakes 


                       #3. Easter egg bark
                                via thefrugalgirls.com

                            #4. Easter egg nests
                             via lifeandkitchen.com           

                                       #5. Easter eggs in costume
                               via momtastic.com

                                               #6. Mini easter cake 
                                  via thecakeblog
                              #7. Lace wrapped eggs 
                                                    via brit.co

                                 #8. Chocolate easter tart
                                           via taste.com

                #9. Cheesecake filled chocolate easter egg
                                           via taste.com

                                                                                      #10. Chicky cookies 
                                           via susannotsusie

These gorgeous easter photos & more can be found on my Pinterest site; 
ittybittypolkadot - Check it out!


  1. haha the eggs in costume are so cute!



  2. I know right?!
    They are so cute, you can't help but smile when you look at them!
    Thanks so much for reading this blog!

  3. Hey!
    I'm just going to respond to your comment here. I found your blog in the comment section on some other blog... I think. I can't really remember, haha.

    You're really new to blogging? You seem like an experienced blogger to me. I really enjoy reading your posts =) (and I love your layout!)

    - Mia Malene

  4. Thanks for the reply Mia! :)

    Yes! I just started a few months ago, thankyou so much for your kind words!! So glad you love my posts, I am really enjoying yours too!! :)


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