30 April 2013

April Faves

Welcome to my new monthly series!.. Here I will share everything I've been loving this past month - from music, to food, to bible verses. Check out some of my favourites, and if you're not careful they might just become favourites of yours too.

Music; Top 10:
  • Let her go - Passenger
  • Captivated; yesterday, today and forever - Vicky Beeching
  • Stay out - Nina Nesbitt
  • Beauty and a Beat - Justin Beiber & Nicki Minaj
  • Beneath the waters, I will rise - Hillsong
  • Small bump - Ed Sheeran
  • 22 - T Swizzle (aka, Taylor Swift)
  • All I need is you - Guy Sebastian
  • Stay, Stay, Stay - T Swizzle
  • Thankyou - MKTO
  • The Lucky One 
  • Wild Child
  • Pitch Perfect (all female a cappella singing group .. need I say more?)

When God writes your love story  - Eric & Leslie Ludy

If you haven't read this book you're seriously missing out! It is all about giving the pen over to God and trusting Him to write the most beautiful love story ever. This is definitely the best book I have ever read! (big call I know, but its the honest truth!)
Image via Godseternalmasterpiece

JustB ... I stumbled upon this website a few weeks ago & wished I had waayyy earlier. It has everything from craft project ideas, organisation tips and even bitesized news updates for those of you who are super busy. 

Youtube Channel:

Gotta be MacBarbie07 - if you're ever after some fashion inspiration, makeup tips or hair advice pop over & see Bethany on this channel!


Definately cottage cheese with tomatoes, chives, a sprinkle of pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Image via donoteatoysters

... Oh & I mustn't forget Mum's homemade chilli con carne ... 
so wintery & warm!


Katiedidwhat? - who also did a post on what things she's loving this week.

Post of mine:

I think it would have to be my post about Carmen, the very first opera I saw on Sydney Harbour. I loved the amazing photos that were taken and the fireworks that went off just for us! (if you missed my post about Carmen, you can read it here).


True Godliness leaves the world convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that the only explanation for you is Jesus Christ ...                   
Major Ian Thomas

To live a creative life we must first lose our fear of being wrong. 
Joseph Chilton Pearce

Bible verse:

Image via Pinterest

What about you friend??
Tell me your favourites for April!


  1. Well, okay, you just made my day!! :) Thanks for including me, sweet girl! Love your favourites! That book looks so good- I'll have to check it out. And I only ever eat cottage cheese with yogurt and fruit, so I'm thinking I'll have to try the savory route, too. That verse is one of my favourites too!


  2. Oh yay! Katie :) I am so glad!!
    I've never had cottage cheese with fruit or yoghurt, so I must try it out too!


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