2 May 2013


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           (Yep that's me! Flying!)
It's always hard starting something new; there's new people to meet, a whole new way of thinking to get your head around, and a new set of skills that needs to be learnt. Starting something new is hard ... but you know what I think is even harder? 

Re-starting something that's not new to you at all. 
(Now that's even harder).

Is it because when we learn something new, we start from scratch; no knowledge, no previous accomplishments and definitely no expectations. It is when we even consider re-starting something we used to be good at, we are met with a flood of what-could-have-been's and a whole lot of regret.
If re-starting something is so painful, why put ourselves through it? Isn't it much easier to simply sweep the past under the rug, accepting that that part of our life is now over?
Sure!, why not? 
... My mind flashes back to the past - I see growth, accomplishment, failures (yes) but lessons learnt. Most of all, I see joy ...  abundant joy! Now I understand why my heart won't simply accept what my head is telling it. Logic vs Love, the constant debate.

Yes, I absolutely agree - it would be so much easier to sweep the past away, file it in a folder never to be opened again. It would save a lot of pain too. No what-could-have-been's would be unearthed and that part of your life would simply.be.forgotten.
But is that really what we want? All those memories to be forgotten? Every grin of accomplishment, every sigh of relief, every pulse of excitement .. all forgotten, never to be felt ever again?

I don't want the regret, but I definitely want the memories.
They are part of me; they are part of my past, and ...
I think I want them to be part of my future too.

Re-starting something is hard, but with the feelings of inadequacy, disappointment and regret comes  something sweeter that makes it all worthwhile ... joy.achievement.satisfaction.


So get going, re-start that thing you used to love. Get back on your treadmill, go to that dance class, pick up that instrument. Be prepared that re-starting will bring up some painful emotions, but keep your eyes fixed on the joy that will come. You are not starting from scratch - you just need to unearth those past passions and skills. Every small step forwards moves you forward from where you used to be (when ignoring that part of your life was easier).

Hard work (absolutely!!) ... but in the end, won't it be worth it?

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