4 May 2013

DIY: Felt ball garland

As promised, here is a tutorial on how to turn those colourful felt balls we made last week into your very own garland! It is really easy to do, and looks so effective. The best part about it; you can change the colour of the felt balls to suit your room decor, each season or occasion = perfect!

You will need:
Felt balls (bought or already made), jute (brown twine from your local hardware store), a thick strong needle (I used a hand needle darner), nails (2/garland), some form of non-slip rubber mat, baby wooden pegs (from the $2 store) & photos (optional).

1. Measure out the length of jute you need, cut, and thread with needle 
(allow a bit extra on each end to tie into knots for hanging).

2. Pierce the centre of your felt ball with the needle and thread through 
(you may want to use a nonslip rubber mat or washer to help pull the needle through the other side. Do not, I repeat, do not use pliers to do this ... it just might result in the needle snapping in half ... oops!).

3. Thread all felt balls onto your piece of jute.

4. Arrange the felt balls however you want (they will slide around easily if you need to make adjustments) - I arranged mine evenly, leaving gaps to peg polaroid photos up in between.

5. Hammer in two nails, one on either side and tie your garland on. 
Hey presto! it's that simple. Hang up as many garlands as you want! (You know me! I went colour crazy and made 10 different garlands!)

6. If you want to recreate my photo garland, choose your favourite photos or find images off the web. Edit, print & cut to size. Use baby wooden pegs to secure them on the string - a super cute touch which also makes them able to be changed as often as you like! 

Note: My polaroid photos were created from images off the web which were then edited on PicMonkey to have a polaroid frame border. If you are getting images off the internet, make sure you only use them for personal use and get permission where appropriate.

Use photos that brighten your room & your day.
Creating is always more fun with more than one. Grab a friend to help you out - good bonding time and makes the process go way quicker! 
Here is my little assistant ... 

Unfortunately she thought the felt balls were oh so tasty!



  1. So cute, Sam! I'll have to come and see the finished product sometime! Liss xxx

  2. Thanks Liss! :) Sure will! I would love that!


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