6 May 2013

Betcha didn't know that ...
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..I love seeing photos of animals smiling, hehehe!..

..I just spent all afternoon sewing while listening to the Aladdin soundtrack..

..God has been really challenging me about what I fill my mind with; 
is it true? noble? right? pure? lovely? admirable? excellent? praiseworthy?..

..My friend & I just bought tickets to go & see The Lion King at the theatre! Even though its not on until December, we were so excited & celebrated by watching The Lion King!..

..I may or may not be considering getting on the 'onesie train'. 
Anyone else out there on it too?..

..Finally, after a long recovery, I went back to dancing last week! Indescribable Joy!..

..I was so excited to switch the heater on today for the first time since last winter! So snuggy!..

..I can't wait until The Great Australian Bake Off finally comes on TV - a cooking show all about sweets and sugary goodness .. yum!..

..I can't believe that they made Bring It On into a Musical? Amazing!..

..I'm saving up for a snazzy new SLR camera! 
Bye bye, little point and shoot..

..As the temperature drops, my tea drinking increases exponentially..

..I am way too impatient when waiting for packages to arrive in the mail..

..Even though we don't live near any farms, there is this random cow 
that continues to moo, moo, moo all day & night!..

Betcha didn't know that, huh?

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