9 September 2013

Life Lately ...

- Life's been full of lots of wonderful things -

* Totally got into the swing of spring by doing some (much needed) spring cleaning!! Do you have any idea how great a nicely organised & colour coordinated closet can make you feel? It's like, every time I open the drawers, I smile. 

Organising is actually a really good way to de-stress. There's something so liberating about getting rid of the old - I must admit, I do find it hard to let go of things I've been hanging onto for so long. But then I think ... now I have so much room for lovely new things! 

I got all inspired by Alejandra's organising videos. I highly recommend you check them out hereI gotta confess, I organised all my drawers to look just like hers!


Ahhhhh ...  Isn't that like a breath of fresh air?

* Op shopping has become a weekly outing for me ... I am now a bargain shopper snapping up sales everywhere!

* Our Hairspray flashmob was a big success - check out the footage below. [Even though you can't really see all the dancers, the acapella singing sounds amazing!!] 

Rehearsals have been super exciting - last night we started working on the incredible finale, "You can't stop the beat!" We've renamed it "You can't stop to breathe ..." Totally fitting of course! Who said singing and dancing at the same time was easy? P.S Only 53 days to gooo!

I'm loving this springtime weather! It makes me really excited for summer, and the chance to re-learn how to surf! 

If this little duck can do it, so can I!

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