18 July 2013

DIY: Fancy Flower Crown

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Flower crowns are the fashion craze of the season - I just adore them! 
They are super romantic, girly & brighten up any outfit. Seeing as I'm off to a wedding this weekend, I thought a flower crown would be the perfect addition to my dress. 


Total cost = approx. $10
  • Fake flowers of your choice (from the $2 shop)
  • Florist's wire (from Spotlight)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pliers & wire cutters

1. Pull the flowers off their stems ~ this should be easy to do, if not, just cut the stems off.

2. Turn each flower over and chop off the little left over pointy part.

3. Measure your head using florists wire. Cut to size using wire cutters and twist ends together to form a circle. Place back on your head to double check it is the right size. 

4. Use the stems of your flowers to make a wreath - attach each stem one by one to the wire circle (you may need to bend them into shape). Twist small bits of florist wire around each stem to secure in place (at the top and the bottom of the stem). Get creative - twists the stems around each other and even leave some ends sticking out the sides to look more realistic. 

5. Position your flowers around the wreath to get an idea of how you want them to look.

6. When you're happy with how they look, pick up one flower at a time and hot glue gun to the wreath.

7. Allow glue to dry, then place on head to see how your masterpiece looks! I found that my wreath needing a little bending into shape so it could sit nicely on my head!

Don't want a wreath style flower crown? 

Simply glue flowers onto a cheap headband or length of ribbon instead! 

Pair your fancy flower crown with hair parted straight down the centre & relaxed boho waves .. then you're good to go!

via Pinterest
The best thing about these crowns is they can be made to suit any outfit, whether it be casual or dressy. 
You control the colour and type of flowers you use! 

Use it to express your personality; are you bold & daring or sweet n simple?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Sam! Please show photos of you wearing it in your next post!! I'd love to see :)

  2. Thanks SO much Ruby! I'll try & take some at the Wedding tomorrow! (: YAY!


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