15 July 2013

Betcha didn't know that ...

..I got into Hairspray the Musical! 
I'm finally one of the "nicest kids in town!" 

P.S How cute is this old picture from a Hairspray themed dress up night
 we had on church camp (we even made our own costumes!)..

..I just discovered how good the movie "A Knight's tale" is..

..On the weekend I took Fifi to her very first Puppy training class. 
She didn't even get scared running up the agility ramp! I was so proud!

She was so tired afterwards..

..I love the rain. It makes me so happy!..

.."The Great Australian bake off" has inspired me to become a super pro baker & make amazing birthday cakes for my kids one day!

Something like this one..

..My lovely friend Lily is marrying her delightful Daniel, this saturday!..

..I've nearly finished making my very first apron! 
It's hot pink with white polkadots (what else?)..

Betcha didn't know that, huh?

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