13 July 2013

Let's Get Organised!

This scene look familiar? 
Bits n pieces of ribbon, washi tape and trimmings 
exploded everywhere in your craft box? 
Yep, me too

But luckily, it doesn't have to stay this way. Introducing "Let's get organised"; turning your chaotic craft box into one that is calm, cool and collected.

... Here we go ...

1. Find a small, thin, shoebox and measure its width. (My shoebox was 14 cm wide)

2. Next, we need something to wrap our ribbon around. I found a nice old piece of ric rac ribbon wrapped around a piece of cardboard. I used this piece of cardboard as a template, tracing it onto some brown cardboard and cutting it out (one for each different type of ribbon/trimming). 

You can download the template I made here - increase the size of the template to match the size of your shoebox; the height of the template should be about 1cm less than the width of your shoebox, that way you can be sure it will fit inside. (My template was 13cm high).

3. After you have cut out your template, trace and cut out cards (one for each type of ribbon). Then ... get wrapping!

4. Tape one end of the ribbon to the card and wrap, wrap, wrap, till all ribbon is used up. Simply tuck the other end in or tape it to the cardboard.

5. Organise all your ribbons, trimmings and tapes by wrapping them on their own individual card and filing away in the shoebox. Pop the lid on, and you're done! All those odd ends tidied up into the one place! How easy!

Isn't organising fun? 


  1. This is great Sam!! Love the template you used. You've inspired me to get organised ;)

  2. Yay!! Oh I'm so glad! Organising makes me feel so refreshed and free!


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