4 June 2013

Finders Keepers

This weekend Mum & I spontaneously decided to make the trek up to Sydney's Australian Technology Park (which, for the record, is this amazing abandoned old train station ... super random, but cool!) for The Finders Keepers indie art & design markets. 

The exhibition hall was filled to the brim with rows upon rows of stalls - from antiques, to crafts, to organic food stalls. They even had designers from all around Australia and live music to complement the mood. 

Mum & I had lots of fun browsing the stalls and uncovering hidden treasures. 
Check out my fabulous finds!! 

Gorgeous gingham earrings  

Reversible retro headband

Baby Bambi figurine 

Rebound writing journal 
made from an old book and filled with blank pages. 


It was a perfect day!

I'm hanging out for December 6th when they're on again.
Better start saving my pennies ...


  1. these markets sound amazing! I'm so coming with you in December :) x

  2. They really are!
    YES let's go together!!!! Rrrroadtrip! (:


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