6 June 2013

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God has placed it on my heart lately to open myself up through this blog and show more of who I am. It's so hard & scary to do, isn't it? I find it a lot easier to be myself around people I wholeheartedly trust - knowing that they will respect my honesty and will not betray my confidence. Not that you all aren't wonderful, but I find it hard to send my honesty out into cyber space, not knowing who might read it.

It is a great desire of mine, however, for this blog to grow - to reach people all over the world and fill their lives with inspiration, joy, & most of all, God's love. I feel however, * deep breath *, the only way ittybittypolkadot is going to achieve this, is by letting you guys, my readers, in to see the real me.

Today I found a blogger challenge entitled "Getting to know the blogger"... I am going to complete this for the month of June in the hopes of letting you all in, a little peek at a time, to see who God has made me. 

If you have any questions you want me to answer about myself, drop me a comment on ittybitty's facebook page here and I will answer them throughout my posts this month.

Until then, check out this video .. 
I'm sure it will make you laugh just like it made me!

T Swift caption fail - via Youtube

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