16 April 2013


This weekend, my family & I went to see Carmen - my very first Opera! 
It was an unbelievable day - full of shopping, Pancakes on the Rocks (mmm!) and of course seeing Carmen. 

Carmen is a love story about a soldier Don Jose who abandons his childhood
 sweetheart Mikhaela for the love of Carmen, a gypsy. Don Jose loses the love of Carmen to Escamillo a toreador, stirring him into a jealous rage.

* My favourite song of Carmen was definitely Toreador *

Image via News

Carmen wasn't just performed in your typical theatre. Oh no!... it was outside, 
on the water of Sydney Harbour! We had the best view of the Harbour bridge, Opera house and Luna Park. 

Image via JamesWaites

My favourite part of Carmen was the amazing choreography by the wonderful Kelley Abbey. 
It was full of complex flamenco rhythms and gypsy footwork. This cafe scene was the largest dance number; 5 minutes of colour, music and intricate dancing = UH-mazing!
Image via Stagenoise

This Spanish skirt dance was captivating. 
Kate Wormald's skirt was so big I thought she was going to blow away! 
She was partnered by 7 incredible male dancers.
Image via Bellyrumbles

The fireworks during the bull fight scene were a delightful surprise, 
and exploded right off Sydney harbour ... just for us!
Image via TheDailyTelegraph

As you can see ... it was simply breathtaking!

An unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience.

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