13 April 2013

DIY: Flower Hair Clip

As I was getting ready to go out the other day, I realised I didn't have any hair accessories to go with the long floral dress I wanted to wear. I rummaged around in my drawers and found a lovely aqua felt brooch I had bought from a fair trade market a few months ago ... 
                                ... and, what do you know, it matched my outfit perfectly!

I immediately decided that I had to wear this brooch in my hair. 
Thus, the inspiration came to do a quick, and oh so simple DIY, to change it into a hair clip.

You will laugh at how quick this is to do ... seriously.
1. Grab a brooch or hair bow you may have lying around.

2. If a brooch clasp is sewn on the back of your brooch, simply unpick the stitches holding it in place ... (if yours doesn't have anything on the back, skip this step).
3. Grab an alligator clip and hot glue gun it to the back of the brooch ... 
(I bought my clips from Morning Glory).

4. Allow glue to dry, and voila! you have now turned an unused item into a very trendy hair clip.
Isn't it so satisfying making things for yourself? I think it is! It's such an achievement, and this DIY is the cheapest one I've ever done. The only thing you need to buy is the alligator clip ($0.50). 

The cheapest hair clip I've ever had!

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