18 April 2013

Thankful Thursday
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In light of recent events I thought it would be best to take the time to slow down and thank God for all the blessings He has given me. As life is so fast paced, it is easy to let the little (& big) blessings go unnoticed ...
  • Safety & security.
  • Warm spa baths on a cold night.
  • Homemade banana & berry smoothies.
  • Sun showers.
  • The smell of a freshly lit candle (mine is luscious strawberries and creamy chocolate).
  • Playing ball with Fifi.
  • Warm cups of tea.
  • Chocolate pancakes + chocolate topping + chocolate icecream.
  • Birthday celebrations.
  • Eating out.
  • Finding a new CD I love - Olly Murs, Right place Right time.
  • Morning runs (which I never usually enjoy!!)
  • Fireworks & seeing my first opera.
  • Phone calls with a friend.
  • Reading late into the night.
  • Snuggy, warm, knitted, knee high socks.
  • Rain ...
  • Having a family that loves me so much!
  • Snuggles with Fifi.
  • Movie nights with Mum & Dad.
  • Holidays ...
  • Haircuts.
  • Learning & understanding the book of Job in the Bible.
  • Sushi + Froyo dates with the girls.
  • The blessing of having a mobile.
  • Knowing that God is 100%, totally, & completely in control of everything in this world.

What things are you thankful for today?? 

Why don't you make a list ... 
I'm sure you will find more things than you realise!

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good. His love endures forever! 
1 Chronicles 16:34

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