29 July 2013

Passion for Prayer

So I've been reading this book for sometime now, and I came across a little nugget of wisdom I want to share with you all. Like the title suggests, this book looks at prayer (one area of life I need a lot of work on); but not in the way most people think about prayer. Prayer is not shown to be something that happens when we pray, but instead God being the one who prays.

I'm sure you're thinking,
'What! that makes no sense. How can God be the one who prays when I'm the one praying to Him?' ... my thoughts exactly!
But then it explains ... "God is the one who prays. All we must do is allow Him to pray His prayers in and through us". 

A hah!

For some reason this makes me feel a bit funny. I mean, when I pray, I (selfishly) have lots of things I want to bring before Jesus. I have lots of things on my list to pray for, before even thinking about what might be on Jesus' list for me to pray. If I am only restricted to the prayers of Jesus, won't my daily life, needs, or desires go overlooked? 

Well, actually no.

By trusting in God's nature we learn ... when we first tend to our Master's needs, He will then tend to our needs. 

Ok, so how would I go about even starting to pray the prayers of my Father? How do I cultivate an intimate relationship with my God so I can truly know what is on His heart?

Start small, firstly... Spend time with God

Easy in practice, hard in reality. But if you desire an intimate relationship with the Lord of Lords, true knowledge of His heart, and a deeper prayer life that disregards your 'self' for the sake of Jesus, then you've gotta make it a priority. We all manage to prioritise some combination of food, sleep, exercise, work or even play into our day - all these things are necessary for a healthy physical life. But what about your spiritual life? Is it being nourished? Is it being fed daily by the food from the Word of God? 

When you make your spiritual health just as much of a priority as your physical health, it's amazing what God achieves! Schedule some time for God into each day and watch how He supernaturally blesses your time to fit everything else in.

So remember, prayer is firstly listening to God, instead of talking to Him. 

Let me know how you go this week ...

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