8 July 2013

Dress me up like ... 
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I just love Zooey Deschanel's fashion style! As soon as I saw her as Jess in "New Girl" I fell in love with it. She is always seen sporting puffy sleeves, vintage dresses and polka dots ... everything I absolutely love. 
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Her colourful, girly and often quirky personality is perfectly reflected through her outfits. Zooey gives me that extra bit of confidence to rock out in those loud and bold outfits I adore. If she can pull them off, why can't I??
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Like me, Zooey loves frilly, girly dresses. 
Here are a few of my favourites ...

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Do you also love Zooey's style & want to dress like her? 
Get inspired by the gorgeous blog "Dress like the New Girl" here.

But watch out ... when you walk past people in the street they 
will be the ones asking "who's that girl ..?"

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