20 June 2013

#Day 6: What are 3 blogs you visit 
& read enthusiastically?

There are so many wonderful blogs out there! That is what makes this question so hard! Though ... I do admit, I have a few favourites that I flick to as soon as my mac boots up and I begin my hunt for inspiration. 

Join me as I showcase these blogs and the even more beautiful creators behind them ...

1. A Beautiful Mess:

Believe it or not, but right at the beginning, way before I even really knew what blogging was, I came across ABeautifulMess and was instantly hooked. Still to this day, I cannot find another blog I love as much. If you're into decorating, cooking, crafting, beauty, fashion, photography, baking or anything DIY-ish this blog will become your greatest inspiration. It is created by Elsie and Emma, two sisters who show that the most beautiful things in life are definitely homemade.

via ABM

If you'd like to see what I'm raving about you can do so here.

2. Much Love, Illy:

This blog follows the life of a beautiful young Christian woman, Ilene, who just eloped to Hawaii to marry the love of her life, Ryan. It is full of gorgeous outfit inspiration, musings of daily life and showcases the joys of living life in America.

via Muchloveilly

Check illy's blog out here.

3. Delightfully Tacky:

Wanna know what it looks like to live life, vintage style? Well Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky shows you how. She fills her blog with great DIY's, gorgeous vintage outfits and posts about her gorgeous Winnebago she drives everywhere around the pacific northwest.

via Delightfullytacky
But don't take my word for it! See it for yourself ... here.


These are my top picks if you're new to the world of blogging and are looking for a place to start. As you read and explore more, I can assure you that in no time at all you will have too many favourites to name!

!! Enjoy !!

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