18 June 2013

#Day 5: 
Do you make New year resolutions? 
If so, do you stick to them?

Why yes! Thankyou for asking!!

If you know me well, you know that I love to set goals and work towards achieving them. It is so rewarding & it means I am constantly moving forward, improving myself and getting closer to achieving my dreams.

I admit, however, I have these good intentions, but time goes by and these goals are sometimes forgotten. If my progress isn't regularly being reviewed, I end up forgetting what I actually want to achieve and I end up back where I started. Do you find this happens to you too?

But if we actually want our dreams to become a reality we can't let this happen. We've got to constantly work for them!

While I look at the 13 goals I set for 2013, why don't you look at yours too and see what further steps need to be taken to achieve them? 


13 Goals for 2013:

Completed - Continually evolving - Not yet achieved

1. Grow closer to God ... 
[My relationship with God is constantly evolving and deepening]

2. Get back to Dancing

3. Audition for "Hairspray" the Musical ... 
[auditions are held in July!]

4. Get my Motorbike licence

5. Buy a cute yellow Vespa! toot! toot! (well, its baby blue ...)

6. Become more flexible ... 
[I have a daily stretch routine now]

7. Improve in confidence with my singing ... 
[I am currently working through the Superior Singing Method course!]

8. Learn how to make Sushi.

9. Laugh more :)

10. Take every opportunity to help someone in need ... 
[I like to think so!]

11. Learn how to play worship songs on my Ukulele.

12. Learn & perfect 10 different hairstyles ... 
[6 out of 10 completed]

13. Improve my photo taking skills ... 
[on the hunt for a new DSLR and photography course]

Still got a lot of work to do? That's okay, I do too!


Start by making one decision today that will help 
take you closer to achieving one of your goals

* For Me ... I will learn one new hairstyle each sunday to wear to church *
Perhaps I'll try this one next week ... (ha, not really!)

Image via
... maybe this one instead ...

Image via

See! ... now that I can achieve. 

Not that daunting now, hey? Just one little step at a time ...
Image via

La lala la la la! What do we do? We swiiim, swiiim!

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