11 June 2013

#Day 2: Where did you grow up?

Small town or big city?

... Actually neither ... 

I would call my hometown, Wollongong (or 'the Gong' as we locals call it) a small city. For those of you who are not acquainted with this beautiful city, let me indulge your senses. Wollongong is a gorgeous city, about an hour from Sydney, bordered by beaches on the coast, and mountains on the west. Wollongong is big enough to have all the benefits of a city, yet small enough to still feel like you're part of a relaxed community.
Image via IButler
Wollongong is the perfect place for surfing, hang gliding, cruising, picnicing and sipping (there are so many beachside cafes to enjoy!) I often get surprised when I find holidayers here in Wollongong, wondering why people would want to spend their holidays here ... but then I think again, why wouldn't they? It has everything you could ever want! 
Fitzroy Falls

I love Wollongong for its beaches, especially North Wollongong beach where I, (believe it or not) served as a volunteer Lifesaver for a few years! It is also the beach where I first learnt to surf, rode a jet ski, and went driving in a quad bike. It is also the place where many fun memories have been shared with my family & friends. I have been so blessed to grow up by the ocean and it has become such a part of my life that I couldn't imagine living anywhere else than by the sea.

Lizzie, Kiryn & I

I do admit, I take Wollongong and its breathtaking beauty for granted. 
I am so blessed to have it right on my doorstep while others have to travel to experience it. 

Image via flickr

You can definitely see the handiwork and beauty 
of God in the sunset skies of Wollongong.


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