13 June 2013

#Day 3: What are some of your favourite memories?

Where do I even begin?.. How do I even start to narrow down the past 21 years into a few favourite memories? My life has definitely been filled with its ups & downs, but through it all, God has constantly blessed me. 

  • House chants, hot chips & red frogs at school athletics & swimming carnivals.
  • Going to Port Douglas for the best family holiday ever ... at a resort with 7 pools, discovering Mosman gorge and finding a rope swing over a billabong.
  • Spending countless hours over at my cousins house, competing in gymnastics competitions and making up dance routines to show our parents.
  • Visiting my Grandma (Oma) for dinner at least once a week where she would spoil us with oodles of noodles and lots of other yummy baked goods.

  • Performing in "West Side Story" & "The Wiz" and meeting one of my best friends, the beautiful Rosie!
  • Fishing for tadpoles in the backyard with Eliza.
  • Arriving at my Year 10 formal in a cute vintage car.
  • Going to see Disney On Ice, many many times.
  • Coming home from school to the smell of Mum's freshly baked cookies.
  • Having sleepovers with the girls from school and renting "John Tucker must die" way too many times ... so many, in fact, that Kiryn thought I actually owned it.
  • Having a jumping castle for my 18th birthday! 
  • Getting my hair braided every time Oma would take me to school. 
  • Graduating from Year 12 and going to the formal with two great friends; Cameron & Kiryn.
  • Having a fairy party for my 5th birthday and dressing up in my homemade wings and tutu.
  • Making up gymnastics routines on the upside down trampoline with Jemma in primary school.
  • God bringing my best friend Jessie & I together at a Christian conference, Soul, 2 years ago!
  • Our Year 12 graduation item including our own mashup of "Man in the mirror", Mulan's "I'll make a man out of you" and of course Grease's "You're the one that I want" .. pretty memorable I must say!

I have waaay too many amazing memories to mention ... these were just the ones on top of my head. I thank God for blessing me with a wonderful childhood, great memories, and even greater people in my life to share them with.


  1. hehe so many lovely memories - I love your mum's cookies! <3 Kiryn

  2. Me toooo!!
    We have so many memories with just the two of us! I wouldn't have enough room if I tried to write them all down! (:


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