10 May 2013

Heartfelt Homemade

Forgotten to pick up a card for Mothers Day? 
Never fear! ... these super cute cards are here!

I found this DIY off mmmcrafts and thought it was way too cute not to share it with you all. 

There are two different types of cards you can make; a mummy bird + baby, or a mummy owl + baby. Both of them are so sweet, the choice is up to you!

Let's get started!

1. Download the template for either card here.

2. Print the template off onto cardboard and cut out. These pieces will become your re-usable tracing templates.

3. Trace the templates onto coloured paper of your choosing (I even used corrugated cardboard to add a little depth). When tracing, I find it easiest to reverse the template then trace it, that way you don't have to rub out any pencil lines that still might be left.

4. To make the card, cut a piece of white cardboard in half, then fold each half in half again. This will give you two cards. 

5. Trace the front of your card onto a dark piece of paper. Cut this rectangle out, making sure to cut 0.5cm or so off each side. Centre on your white card and glue in place. This forms the background for your design.

6. Follow the diagram below to build your birds.

Image via mmmcrafts

7. Glue your birdies onto the card and add the final touches;
  • Legs: cut out from white cardboard.
  • Beaks: cut out by hand, or hole punch a circle of yellow paper - trim off either side to form a point.
  • Eyes: draw on yourself, or hole punch a circle out of black paper - overlap the hole punch to cut a slim crescent shape out.

8. Add a heartfelt message inside, and presto! 

You now have a heartfelt Mothers day card your Mum or Granny will adore!

Cute hey?
*Tweet Tweet*

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