20 May 2013

DIY: Doggie Neckerchiefs

Who doesn't love an adorable puppy dressed 
up with a smart little neckerchief? 
I know I do!
Image via folksy
I love dressing Fifi up! She currently owns a hot pink tutu, a navy blue sailors outfit, a pink cheergirl dress and a knitted sweater (plus a few more outfits!) 

But what do you know? Fifi doesn't seem to share my love of dress-ups. 

So one day we settled on a compromise ... neckerchiefs. 

When Fifi came home from the poodle parlour one day, I was excited to find she was wearing a neckerchief, and more than that ... she didn't seem to care! 

So what did I do? Got out my fabric pinking shears & went crazy! 

There are a few different ways to make a neckerchief, but this is the easy, no sew option! Instead of spending lots of time sewing just one neckerchief, we have extra time to spend making lots of different ones. 

1. Trace out this triangle onto cardboard. Cut out & use as a template.

2. Find scraps of fabric you want to use ~ grab some that suits the personality of your pooch or even an upcoming occasion.

3. Trace the template onto the back of your fabric. Cut out using fabric pinking shears.

4. Grab your puppy and tie on her very own neckerchief! 

You can even colour coordinate your 
puppy's neckerchief to match your outfit! 
How cute!

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