8 October 2013

Life lately ...

Life is pretty crazy at the moment, to say the least. It pretty much revolves around singing, dancing, practicing, sewing, buying, stretching, eating & sleeping .. all in the name of Hairspray! 

I am loving it, don't get me wrong, but it has taken its toll, and some things (like this blog) have had to be placed on the back burner for a short amount of time. I hope you can understand that for the next 3 weeks or so things might be a wee bit quiet around here. Even still, here are a few of the things that have been happenin' amongst all the crazyness this month.

* I have embarked on a mission to get more organised! With the help of Alejandra's amazing organising videos I am learning lots about how to be more productive, organised and relaxed. Here is a great video where she shares her top tips (if you want more advice, head to her website here)


* Mum picked up this gorgeous china cabinet off the side of the road but it was covered in gold paint. She stripped it down, painted a layer of white then baby blue on top and sanded the top surface to make a shabby chic look! How great did it turn out? Now we have a place to display all our amazing tea pots and tea cups! Thanks Mum!!

* Dad also got creative these holidays by building this awesome path! He picked up some old railway sleepers off the side of the road (what can I say, we love a good freebie!), cut them down to size and poured in river pebbles in between. How great does it look?.. We're all DIY-ers over here!

* I'm loving Jess Mauboy's new song right now! It is so much fun to turn up loud and dance around the house to!

I love trying new recipes and there's nothing I love more than baking! I'm super keen to try making these this week... who doesn't love cookie dough? yummo!
That's pretty much all that's been going on!
Now excuse me, I'm off to sing! 
Hey Mama welcome to the 60's!

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