24 September 2013

Trash to Treasure

DIY Earring Ring

Isn't it the worst when you lose one of your favourite earrings? Just one.
What are you meant to do with just one earring? 
You can't go around town wearing it, hoping no one will notice & 
acting all surprised when someone does, can you? 

What if I told you, you could still wear your favourite earring
... but not as you normally would.
What if I told you that it could be turned into a bit of ring bling?
How ingenious!

  • 1 of your favourite earrings
  • Adjustable finger ring with glue pad
  • Pair of wire cutters
  • Hot glue gun
  • Metal file (optional)
1. Pull the butterfly clip off the back of your earring. 
2. Using your wire cutters, cut off the piece of wire that goes through your ear. If you can't cut it as close to the actual earring as you like, simply file down using a metal file.
3. Heat up your hot glue gun and glue your earring to the ring.

That's as hard as it gets! Seriously ..

 Now you can enjoy your favourite earring in a whole new way. Hoooooray!


Life's been pretty crazy lately with performing, learning heaps of new songs, and of course dancing up a storm. All this rehearsing has really made me dig the rhythmic blues! I just can't stop singing this song ...

Give it a listen. I know it will become stuck in your head too ;)

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