26 August 2013

#Beauty On A Budget

Is your hair in need of a little pick me up after a long, dry winter?

Mine sure is!

Well look no further. Introducing ...

Heavenly Hair Protein Pack


Ingredients: 2 eggs, 1/2c yoghurt, 1/2c honey, 1/2c olive oil. 

1. Beat eggs until they become frothy. 
2. Add in olive oil. Whisk until fully blended. 
3. Add yoghurt to mixture and mix till creamy.
3. Finish by adding honey to the mixture. Stir till combined.
4. Dampen hair and comb out any knots. Apply protein mixture all over.
5. Wrap hair in a hot towel for 20-30mins, unwrap, then shampoo.

Hello! Healthy, shiny hair!

This recipe is incredibly simple to make & uses 
all natural products to restore strength & shine to your hair. 
Perfect for springtime.

Best thing is ... you can whip this up whenever you feel like it
 - just open up your fridge and get mixing!

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