2 July 2013

Something old, something new, something 
borrowed & something blue ...

This weekend I attended a kitchen tea party to celebrate the upcoming wedding of my lovely friend Lily, to her delightful Daniel in just three short weeks. 

After doing so, I have decided that apart from the engagement party, wedding planning excitement, oh and of course the wedding, this is one of the most exciting events I am looking forward to when I am finally engaged (I am ridiculously excited to get married! Can you tell ..?)

The Mother of the Bride and the Bride to be via K.Poole

Theme: Something old, something new, something borrowed & something blue.

Colour theme: Lilac and baby blue tones - which suited Lily perfectly!

Menu: A gorgeous array of baked goods, scones, macarons (a huh!), slices and super cute finger sandwiches (which I must say was one of the highlights of this High Tea ... they're just so cute!). There were tea pots upon tea pots filled to the brim with steamy hot concoctions and a vast selection of fine china to choose from (I had trouble choosing which tea cup to drink from!)
Activities: The Bridesmaids, Steph & Kiryn planned lots of fun things for us to do! First of all was a surprise Wedding Scavenger hunt! It was so much fun! We received a page of clues instructing us to..
  • Old: Find an old wedding dress (from the op shop) and take a photo of someone in your group wearing it.
  • New: Construct a bouquet for the Bride out of scraps of tissue paper and ribbon.
  • Borrowed: Each pass on one piece of advice for the Bride - type the advice up using the vintage typewriter.
  • Blue: Make a song up for the Bride to walk down the isle - it must include the word "blue". (This one was my favourite! The songs that were written were out of this world).
We had to complete this hunt in one hour and were judged at the end as we presented our photos, crazy songs and weird looking bouquets (I'm not sure if you could even call them 'bouquets'?)

via K.Poole

We then had a crazy game of Wedding taboo, a quiz for the Bride about the Groom, and the guessing of the gifts (this one was my favourite!) We each had to bring a funny or personal gift in was wrapped up without a tag. Then, the Bride had to guess who each gift was from - this led to lots and lots of laughing! It was a great idea! I think I'll steal this one for my Kitchen Tea!
via K.Poole

It was an incredible day celebrating love, friendship and the bond we share as women. It was so amazing to dance, laugh and smile with Lily and know that God has a very beautiful future in store for her.

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