2 April 2013

Chocolate eggs, sunshine & row boats

I love the Easter long weekend; it is always full of relaxation, family time, board games, yummy yummy food and most of all, the celebration of Jesus' death and resurrection. 

I also love the weather this time of year ... that fresh, cool, crispness that comes as summer melts into autumn. Even though it's been pretty summery here in Wollongong, the signs of autumn did peek through on Easter morning as I woke to the sound of rain. Luckily, the summery sunshine popped out around lunchtime just in time for our beautiful family picnic at Audley Weir, in the Royal National Park (about an hour north of the 'gong).
I just love Audley Weir!! I have so many wonderful memories from this place when we were little; my cousins and I riding giant aqua bikes, feeding galahs and cockatoos, and another which may or may not involve a certain someone falling out of the canoe into the river (*eeek!) 

Its easy to see why I had been hanging out to go back to this place for ever!

It was so much fun to spend time outdoors, picnicking, relaxing and doing nothing really! Here is my beautiful family (plus Mum who was taking the photo!) I am so blessed to have them in my life!

I felt just like I was in the Notebook, rowing down the river in between the reeds, lillies and duckies. It was even more fun to hang our legs out of the back of the boat in the cool water while the strong dads rowed us down the river at a cracking pace.

Just like that ... in a blink of an eye the Easter weekend is already over! 

Even still, I encourage you to live joyfully with the gift of life Jesus has given us to continue to impact you each and everyday.

What did you get up to this weekend?

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