26 February 2013

Meet Baby ... my brand new VESPA!

This week has been an exciting one (alas, the lack of posts) because I finally got this little baby! She is a LML Vespa Star 4. She is a manual so has groovy gears on the handgrips and is so much fun to ride. Ahhhh! When I'm riding her, I can't wipe the smile off my face.

Apart from being ridiculously fun to drive, Baby is also very economical. For a tank of petrol I will get the normal 300km like a car, but instead of costing me around $50 it will only cost me $4.50! I only need 3L to fill this cutie up. How amazing!!

I love her vintage look, shiny baby blue body and the cute little rack at the back. I am on the lookout for a nice white wicker basket to add on top.

I have been saving up for a Vespa for the last few years so finally being able to purchase one makes me feel so independent! :) I can't wait to turn up to uni on the back of this baby.

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