14 October 2013

#Fit Tip 6:

Desperate for motivation?
Looking to endure that last mile?
In need of something to increase your enjoyment of exercising?

Just pop on some tunes!


Listening to music while exercising makes you;

motivated to start and continue exercising
encourages you to keep going when your energy lags
increases your enjoyment of exercising
makes you exercise harder
increases your endurance by 15%
helps you to feel energised and mentally stimulated


Musically minded people tend to exercise in time with the beat (I know I do!) so to get the most out of your workout pick songs with a bpm that matches the exercise you're doing.

* Running: 150bpm ... think Mr Brightside - The Killers

* Walking: 120 - 130bpm ... think Titanium - David Guetta

* Weight training: the bpm is not as important, choose songs you enjoy and those with motivating lyrics ... think Stronger - Kelly Clarkson

To find out the bpm of your favourite songs just search in google, use the Cadence app to analyse your entire itunes library, or discover 
Pace DJ playlists - playlists with their own target bpm.

With the right type of music, suited to the right type of exercise, you might come to find you'll actually enjoy working out!

Crazy, I know! :)

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