13 February 2013

Heartfelt Homemade

With Valentines Day just around the corner, what better excuse do you have to tell someone special in your life you love them. It can be anyone, from a special someone in your life, to your best friend or even your mum. Say it simply with a homemade gift, straight from the heart ...

1. Everyone loves a hand written card. Why not make your own ...

via. RealSimple
2. What about a polaroid montage to sweeten up a dull old room? You could include photos of you and your loved one for an extra personal touch!

via. ErinEverAfter
3. Instead of swapping gifts, swap love letters instead. So thoughtful, meaningful, and best of all ... free!

via. EatDrinkChic
4. What about the kiddies in your life? These super cute stickers will be just the thing to brighten up their lunchbox and put a smile on their face! Buy them off Etsy or make your own!

via. twigandthistle
5. There's nothing as comforting as a cup of tea; have a go at making some of your very own heart shaped tea bags. Leave a cute message for an extra touch. It really is that simple!

via. MarthaStewart

6. Just feel like staying in your jammies all night? Try this Popcorn Invitation by EatDrinkChic...

7. We all know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Why not cook up a storm for the one you love?

via. Picklee

For Valentines Day tomorrow, don't stress if you've forgotten to pick up a present at the store. Your loved one is sure to appreciate the personal touch found in one of these cheap, easy but heartfelt homemade presents.

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